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Posted by lazydoctor - August 15th, 2009



In other news, strangeclock did an amazing video for clockday, seriously it's amazing.

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This was a great clockday, better than the last 2 I'd say. I like how some n00bs throw their animations to the portal, It's one of the reasons I like this day so much, you overcome that fear of getting blammed and in some cases you even get some decent feedback. Save points, funny spam, epic animations, all kinds of shit... that's what makes clockday such a great day.

On the other hand you have that shitty ass layout from 3 years ago... I still have to see a legitimate dogclock... or fishclock? Around the CC forums. One other thing: the prizes, each year they go down and down, but then again it could be the crew's fault, We've been behaving the wrong way for a while (the fun way, really) and we still get free hosting from newgrounds so, I can't be ungrateful, we owe a lot to the staff of this place. I'd love to see a stamper animation for clockday, mindchamber drawing something for this day, luis getting back to his old ways with the crew, it almosts seems that we are being slowly fading away from this place... but that will never happen because we are the ClockCrew.

Posted by lazydoctor - April 7th, 2009

I can make front page posts, how did this unfortunate thing happened? Lmfao

Oh well... Since you guys are already here I guess i'll let you see part of my next not so spammish project:

http://files.myfrogbag.com/ycd5wl/tent aclerapemovie.swf

It's just a small loop, I don't wanna give away the whole thing, i'm not that easy and no, no tentacle rape, I know it's dissapointing but that's life so suck it up. I don't know how to name it yet but I guess it will be out by sunday, that is if I can finish editing all the audio (which is awesome and priceless and definetly one of the things you won't like about the animation) because my skills with Audacity are very, very poor.

Hey, you guys like Flight of the Conchords? They are pretty fucking good, watch 'em go go go go go

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Btw, admins or staff or whatever clockcrew.cc is down, care to check it out? I can't post on this BBS, my IQ decreases and I can't afford to lose more. Thanks, xoxo!

Posted by lazydoctor - April 13th, 2008

Ok so I have a few projects going now, all of them Clock Crew related.

After the camel day fiasco, I got a bunch of ideas and while almost everybody wanted to take a shit on Wade's mouth I just wanted to tell him that the CC loves him... no matter what! Therefore one of my next animations titled: "a strawberry" will be sort of a homage to Wade and his awesomeness. The storyboard was completed like 3 weeks ago, the audio is done now and I already started with the animation but I want this to kick ass, therefore, I will put all my effort on this bitch, it will take some time (maybe i'll have it for clock day, who knows?).

Another project is the "SSBB: how to unlock StrawberryClock" collab. Now, I already finished with my part, SirClock already gave me his part, PatriotClock is just waiting for me to send him the .flas to do the menu but a lazy canadian bastard called LotusClock seems to be jerkin' off more than usual and i've been waiting for his part for about 2 weeks now... Nig, give me your stuff, now!

Also, watch this people: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Nh6TNGbCbJI This was done by biblo after I made the thread for the collab, it kicks ass...

Last thing: If you haven't watched the handblebar series by PatriotClock and SarezJay, go watch them as soon as you can, i'll be contributing to this very soon.

That's it for today... Much love from DNAClock.

Big stuff coming... out of my pants.

Posted by lazydoctor - August 26th, 2007

260807 SBC DIES!

Nah, not really. This day is cool because we get more clock crew flashes (for those that couldn't get enough on CC day) and not really in a hateful way, it's always freaking fun. Also i'm signing up to be a clockfriend today (will be cancerclock one day and kick all your stupid asses).

These are my favorite animations so far:
(by secretagentclock)


And i'm really looking forward to watch whatever Luis did for this day.

Anti CC & PirateClock day

Posted by lazydoctor - July 30th, 2007

Well a few weeks ago I made a thread about the wizardpen genius 340 (g-pen340) because someone gave it to me to try it for a week. I tried to get a wacom and compare the tablets but I couldn't get my hands on one of those so I decided to get the g-pen (it's very cheap and works very well with photoshop).

So I asked for a g-pen 340 and I got a bigger one, I got the g-pen 4500 just for 50 bucks, it's very cool but i'm still trying to get used to it.

These are the specs:
Working area: 4'' x 5.5''
Pressure levels: 1024
Resolution: 2000 LPI (Default), 4000 LPI (max)
Accuracy: +/- 0.25 mm

The package contains the tablet a pen and a wireless mouse that only works when it's placed in the tablet. Both the pen and mouse need a AAA battery. It comes with a trial for photoshop CS and corel painter 9. There are other free programs in the CD who are pretty much useless.

I'm still learning photoshop on my free time since med school is taking most of my time now, still, I tried to do a quick drawing of one charachter I made, it sort of an antropomorphic lizard with a hockey mask... or something like that. So this is the first drawing I made with the tablet, took me 5 minutes.

If you guys are going to buy a tablet I defintely recommed this one, but it would be awesome if someone compares the g-pen and the wacom graphire just to be sure.

Got a tablet!