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2009-08-15 23:03:03 by lazydoctor



In other news, strangeclock did an amazing video for clockday, seriously it's amazing.

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This was a great clockday, better than the last 2 I'd say. I like how some n00bs throw their animations to the portal, It's one of the reasons I like this day so much, you overcome that fear of getting blammed and in some cases you even get some decent feedback. Save points, funny spam, epic animations, all kinds of shit... that's what makes clockday such a great day.

On the other hand you have that shitty ass layout from 3 years ago... I still have to see a legitimate dogclock... or fishclock? Around the CC forums. One other thing: the prizes, each year they go down and down, but then again it could be the crew's fault, We've been behaving the wrong way for a while (the fun way, really) and we still get free hosting from newgrounds so, I can't be ungrateful, we owe a lot to the staff of this place. I'd love to see a stamper animation for clockday, mindchamber drawing something for this day, luis getting back to his old ways with the crew, it almosts seems that we are being slowly fading away from this place... but that will never happen because we are the ClockCrew.


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2009-08-15 23:10:31

good, I hate clock day

lazydoctor responds:

That's not the attitude little man! Clocks love you!


2009-08-15 23:17:48

They should make it Clock Week!

lazydoctor responds:

I support this.


2009-08-15 23:49:39

nooooo!!!!!!!!! is almost over fuck :(

lazydoctor responds:

Until next year! :D


2009-08-16 00:43:57

hello I am big ben did you hear me

you know it is I who lets everyone know when the day has gone with my big ben bell

lazydoctor responds:

Saw your flash animation yesterday, it was great! Loved it.


2009-08-16 01:16:26

Why must a clock fruit ever be popular?


lazydoctor responds:



2009-08-16 03:55:16

Man this clock day was disappointing, so yeah i could go for a clock week.

lazydoctor responds:

EPIC clockday.


2009-08-16 13:55:04

buy a microphone. unless you dont own a voicebox you shouldnt use microsoft to speak for you

lazydoctor responds:

Never! Speakonia is the voice of clocks and it shall stay that way until the man, the one and only: Bill Murray starts voice acting for us.


2009-08-16 16:29:59

Clockday is the worst holiday on newgrounds. Fucking idiots get to throw whatever they can in the portal, and, very sadly, it gets always approved. The paradise for sick little fucks to get higher fucking ratings for fucking pieces of garbage. I hate it, I hate fucking random flashes that get approved on the portal. Fuck... There are people that only vote on this fucking "Holiday" and get 500 fucking protects... For fucks sake, BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP!

lazydoctor responds:


bann'd too much fucking


2009-08-20 01:42:50

i liked clock day this year but nice video good music too.


2011-04-05 22:09:09

ehy, strange did a great video indeed!

hey will you accept me back? bb

lazydoctor responds:

fuck off splatter